Friday, December 19, 2014


"Sands of Time"
Solitude Productions, 2014.

"Sands of Time" is the debut album of Restless Oblivion, a band from Russia and after many listening i have to say that they have impressed me, why? Because is a strong and solid album of Doom Death Metal with high quality on the song writing. the music is very diverse and melancholic but at the same time with the aggressive feeling that only you can find on Doom Death Metal music.

It looks like these guys guys knows exactly what they are doing, good drumming, great melodic passages on guitar and piano. The vocals are good but sometimes are too guttural and think a bit of a change would sound much better so you can follow what the lyrics  on the tracks.

Restless Oblivion has a lot of talent and well I have to say that I have been away of this kind of releases/style for while so it is a great surprise to find this kind of new bands doing excellent music. I kind of guess they have the classic influence from My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Officium Triste and similar bands. I am really looking forward for their next release so I extremely recommend this album if you are looking for something Doomy for real.


Points: 5 of 5