Thursday, February 12, 2015

HUMAN COLLAPSE "Darkness to Fall"

"Darkness to Fall"
Independent, 2014.

Human Collapse is a new band from Russia, they play pretty much Melodic Doom Death Metal for the likes of Katatonia, October Tide, etc...

I have to say that I find this album Amazing in many ways, the song writing is just great. It is full of atmospheres, melodic passages full of melancholy and rage at the same time. I would like to say that their main inspiration is Katatonia but since I am not very familiar with Katatonia's work I can't tell but I do know "Dance of December Souls" which I think its the guilty one for these Melodic Doom bands to exist and sometimes reminds me that type of style.

Great production with good musical skills, great vocals, melodic solos, piano passages and acoustic guitars full of feeling, no more words just listen.

They released this album only in Digital which really sucks If they are planning to make a musical career for real, anyway you can listen to the entire album at Bandcamp here:

You better pay attention to Russian Doom Death Metal bands if you are the kind of looking for underground bands with musical quality.


Points: 4.5/5