Thursday, July 21, 2016

AVSLUT "Vanskapt"

"Vanskapt" EP
Independent, 2016.

They say that everyday a Metal band is formed... AVSLUT is a new Black Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden formed sometime this year. They released a 4 tracks "digital" EP a few months ago entitled "Vanskapt". 

The style of AVSLUT is more like a Blackish Death Metal with downtunned guitars in the vein of the new Swedish bands like Valkyria, Watain, Trident, etc... and the eternal worship to Dissection in moments can not be absent.

The musicians are skilled (as normally is among the Swedish bands), great drumming, good guitar riffs and even though the song writting is good and detailed there is nothing new brought to the table.

Great work in general to be their first delivery into the realms of this i could call "New wave of Swedish Blackish Death Metal". Let's see if these guys can find their own sound in the future.


Points:  3 of 5