Monday, July 11, 2016

NIDHÖGGR "Ragnarök"

Lake of Fire Productions, 2016.

NIDHÖGGR is a new band/project from Falkenberg, Sweden formed in 2013. These guys decided to jump in the train of the old school Black Metal (the second wave!!! according to a guy in Norway).

It is not common to listen or find a Swedish Black Metal band sounding like Norwegian nowdays anymore. Unfortunately is like that with NIDHÖGG. The last time i heard a Swedish band with Norwegian sound was in the 90's with Thornum and their "Dominions of the Eclipse" and The Black with "The priest of Satan".

"Ragnarök" is a mix of all those old records of your favourite Norwegian bands such as Darkthrone, Satyricon, Carpathian Forest, Gehenna, and the list goes on....It seems like these guys are probably not in their 20's which could explain why of the total worship to the 90's sound on this album debut.

Not everything is negative here i have to say. The guys are skilled on their instruments, very solid drumming and guitar riffing. I can not say the same about the vocals since they sound monotonous in some moments, that is a matter of taste of course. The lyrical content seems to not be focused in Satan and is more like Viking tales and stuff.

It is great to find Swedish bands into the old school stuff like NIDHÖGGR because personally i like this sound a lot but If you are looking for something that can offer more originality, creativity, etc... avoid this and keep looking, if is the opposite i suggest you to listen to these solid debut "Ragnarök" (I wonder how many albums and songs are named like that...)


Points:  3 of 5.